Textile design studio

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We are a textile design studio that draws inspiration from Latin American cultural roots to exalt the artisansÔÇÖ manual work. We combine contemporary interior design trends to create unique and luxurious handcrafted pieces.

In our design studio, we take care of all the stages of the process of creating these handcrafted pieces.

We pay close attention to every detail with the highest level of excellence and perfection.

The result is a visual delight!
A piece of Latin tradition that we want to preserve for more centuries.

We carefully take care of every stage of the process.

One by one, every fique fibers and metals are threaded by hand to weave each tapestry.

Dedicated and skilled hands are the ones in charge of carefully weaving each piece.

Our main raw material is 100% natural and its transformation process, from the plant to the wire, takes about 5 days.

The metals are interwoven with natural fiber, highlighting the path that our ancestors left us reflected on these craft practices.

Our love for detail is what characterizes us.